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Milner Field house.The story of the vanished Salt mansion perched on the hillside overlooking Saltaire has captured and excited local imaginations for many years. When it still partially stood, children were warned against playing amid the broken-down walls and treacherous cellars. Were the dire warnings based on more than sound common sense? Is it too fanciful to imagine that they owed something to the shudder that the grim and forbidding ruins instilled in many a local? This book, for the first time, traces the history of Milner Field and gathers together a wealth of illustrations, artefacts, documents and many rare and in some cases never before published photographs which, together, bring to life the story of the house and its occupants. This is the tragic story of a house built on huge wealth, graced by royal visitors, dogged by early deaths and misfortune and which, after years of standing forlorn and empty, was dynamited and torn down. In a comprehensive appendix, the book also traces the stories of the two other important Victorian mansions in the area – Charles Stead’s ‘The Knoll’ and Edward Salt’s ‘Ferniehurst’.


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are pleased to present Milner Field The Lost Country House of Titus Salt Jnr By Richard Lee-Van den Daele and R David Beale

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