The future

The ruins of Milner Field house.At the present time (2013) the estate has been much reduced in size. The former parkland, the land to the south of the house sloping down to the River Aire is now run as a farm from the original Milner Field farm.

The coach road lodge and the southern lodge still exist and are occupied. The north lodge has undergone an extensive and tasteful renovation and extension and this building gives a hint at the grandeur of the original house.

There has been mention of a planned exclusive small estate on the site but to date nothing is certain. Of Milner Field itself hardly a trace now remains to be identified. The flat area overlooking the farmland where the house once stood is now heavily overgrown with trees and shrubs. Piles of rubble and brick lie all about with here and there an elaborately carved lintel or corner stone poking through.

In autumn, when the vegetation has died back, it is still possible to trace the foundations of the house and conservatory and if you have a good imagination you might just hear the echo of the strains of a string quartet playing as Titus Jnr and Catherine walk arm in arm into the winter garden.